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Liz Sparkes MSc PhD

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My journey into self discovery began after losing my father at a young age. Many twists and turns have brought me to where I am today. Having experienced transformation after engaging in meditation and receiving healing therapies, I decided to make this my career.

I completed my PhD in Pain Psychology in 2013, and started a committed meditation practice, attending a Buddhist centre. My eyes opened and I realised how much of my life was being limited by myself. In 2014 my practice developed further while training to teach mindfulness and meditation with Suryacitta at Mindfulness CIC. I started experiencing huge shifts and became passionate about helping other people do the same. I have also completed a diploma in transformational, spiritual coaching.

I have ran private groups, groups for county councils, Trusts, charities, NHS, Sainsbury's staff, GP practices, and universities. I also teach meditation at a local day hospice. Suryacitta and I developed an MSc in Mindfulness and Compassion, which launched in 2016 with myself as course director.

All of my retreats and one to one sessions support individuals to take time to go within and move closer to a truer sense of self. Releasing all that is no longer needed. Letting go of beliefs and hurt, living life from a perspective of peace, confidence and joy.

I now also offer an 8 month training course for those wishing to engage with transformative practice and heart based meditation.

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Qualifications & Training

PhD Pain Psychology

EMCC registered coach

Level 7 Master spiritual life coach and energy psychology diploma

MSc Health Psychology (HCPC registered psychologist)

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Mindfulness & Compassion practitioner (Mindfulness CIC)

Teacher for Mindful Parenting (Trained by Susan Bogels)

Focusing Skills certificate

Reiki Trained

Energy healer (in progress)






Meditation - We can step back from the chaos and sit, and go within. Back to basics. Sitting in meditation and relearning what you already know, who you are, your true self, will take you where you need to go. Step out of the mind (where so much stress is created) and into the heart where so much wisdom can be accessed.

During meditation sessions, I first support people to start to feel again, to feel into their hearts. All of the day to day thinking, conforming and striving takes us away from feeling, and allowing emotions to flow freely. This often causes blocks, and feelings of anxiety and depression. Living totally 'out of the body'. Living a sort of searching and lost existence. People whom I teach meditation to always appear so surprised when they come out of meditation with the answers to things that have worried them, or with a sense of peace which they created themselves, or an ache or pain has ceased just because they sat with it and gave it attention. Meditation allows you to take your power back, to help yourself. Our society often makes us feel that we need to look to others and strive towards things to feel better about ourselves. Yes, there are bills to be paid and there is work to be done but first go inward, make peace within, feel what needs to be felt and let things go. Then the work will be easier and the bills won't feel so bad. Sitting with the breath, with the felt sense of the heart, and pausing to just feel, this allows emergence. The arrival of our true nature. The looking outside, the striving and the struggles will lessen when you live from the perspective of your heart and get to know your true self again.


Reiki - As someone who receives energy healing every month, I know how much of a difference it makes. Reiki is a healing technique based on energy, activating the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restoring physical and emotional well-being.

Please read all about reiki on The Reiki Association website.