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I had a session with Liz, it was truly eye opening. She has a very calm coaching style and it was very easy to release any barriers and open up in our session. She has great skill in intuitively listening to what was hidden in my subconscious mind. I really enjoyed the heart chakra meditation, it really opened up my heart to all the possibilities I was not seeing. I would recommend Liz to people who are seeking healing in their life.

I went to liz for coaching as I was feeling stuck in certain areas of my life and overwhelming emotions were affecting my decision making and perception of things. Liz has the most wonderful calming energy about her and during the session, she allowed me to voice my feelings in a safe space whilst helping guide me to feel beyond the emotions and be aware of my own intuition and find my own solutions to why I was feeling this way. This is a wonderful alternative to therapy/counselling as it’s a gentle practice of someone holding space for you, allowing you to move forward and let go of things you may be holding that you no longer need.

Liz has been working with me to help me slow down in life, I find I never say no to anything and it is having an impact on my mind and body. With affirmations and meditation, she has helped me be confident in my decisions, especially ones where I then end up missing out on things. I can wholeheartedly say the techniques Liz has taught me have helped so much, I feel more at peace with myself and when I do feel a sense of anxiety, I am able to take control of it before it takes control of me and my thoughts.

Some feedback for your woods retreat - • A relaxed and friendly atmosphere. • A small group in which I felt safe and comfortable, at the same time also felt very personal. • A structure for the day which allowed for meandering from main topic, adding to and not diluting its purpose . • Practices and resources drawn from many traditions, threaded together in a way that nobody would know that they came from different backgrounds. This is the big WOW. The setting was beautiful and added so much to the day; but it was the richness and diversity within it that made it such a valuable experience. Only you, with your knowledge and your guidance made the day so unique. This is why for me the day was much more than it said on the label.

I took the step to seek help with things during a very difficult time in my life. I knew that I was grieving but not entirely sure of how was being within myself. Liz helped me to take a step back and, I suppose to look at things from the outside. To take stock of the situation and give me a better ability to remove facts from much of the stories that I had interwoven into them and start to allow myself to see things from a new perspective. I’d had counselling for such things in the past but I feel that with her guidance I am closer to feeling that I can use these ideas and suggestions as tools to empower me to work through things myself, rather than a reliance on someone else. I feel that although my journey through these emotional difficulties is not at an end, and never will be. To know that there is other ways of looking at things and tackling them rather than just coping.

I’m writing to thank you for yesterday’s retreat. The meditations and drumming worked as a complex therapy for me. It was only when I got there that I realized I was manifesting exactly what I wished for sometime in June. Being out with other people and enjoying the magical wooden area came as a plus. I’m sure everyone will get the best out of it through the following months. So thank you for facilitating it all. Adriana ☀️

Liz's sessions have provided a great source of external support over this spring/summer. She is truly a masterful, intuitive and sensitive guide, holding very deep, vulnerable spaces where I felt this connection to myself and could release tensions, certain thoughts and beliefs that have been holding me back. It's not just this, it's the awareness from the sessions, and after the sessions, i felt lighter, and something unexplainable had been shifted within my perception and my body. It's been very healing and cleansing for my mind, body and soul. I truly feel even though we weren't together in person, there was an authentic space held online, where these small shifts has lead to a transformation within me.

The heart meditation weekend was joyful, intense, subtle, inspiring, moving, life-shifting. Liz and Jacqui’s combined teaching is a magic double-act. As they talked, guided us through the meditations, and helped every single individual in the group process and reflect on the experience, they were able to raise the energy of the room with laughter and to hold emotions as they arose with calm compassion. They taught us to feel into areas of the body that carry hurt, and to understand the meaningful difference between self-love and selfishness, acceptance and complacency. I emerged feeling sparkly and also like I’d been taken to the cleaners, in the best possible way! Ready to take on the world now, and to guide my own students, with a bigger and brighter heart. Deeply grateful to Liz and Jacqui (and Chris of course!) for doing what they do and lighting the way forward 💚V. Rimell, Professor at University of Warwick

I was really impressed by Liz's meditation morning. She created a very calm, accepting space for everyone there and devised a sequence of guided meditations that took us through some very useful things indeed - scanning within to learn so much more about ourselves, helping us find what we really needed for our self-care, and enabling us to raise our inner awareness and also strengthen us for dealing with life's challenges. Each session was just the right length, and spaced out to give us ample comtemplation/processing time in-between, so nothing was either too quick or at risk of tiring us. She handled people's questions with gentle ease and anyone would feel safe and nurtured by her approach to the work. I found it a wonderful space for focusing on my inner 'landscape' and increasing my connection to the spiritual support around me. (Helen)

I was first introduced to Liz through my husband who had met her through work. At the time, I had been through a series of traumatic life events over a few years which eventually took its toll on my mental health. I quickly found myself becoming more and more anxious; a feeling and a place I had not been in since my teens whereby I lost my father. My thoughts and feelings quickly began to spiral and became irrational, scary and unpredictable. For someone who likes being in control, this was a tough place to be in and my ultimate fear was that it would never go away and I was broken beyond repair. Unlike in my teenage years, in my thirties, I had so much more at stake… a loving husband and a beautiful daughter who both deserved the best version of me. Although this was my motivation, it was also my biggest hindrance as the pressure of and fear never ‘mending’ added and fed in to my anxiety more than any other element. It was at this point, my husband told me about Liz. I immediately contacted her and although she was away at the time, she replied immediately and booked me an appointment the week she got back. Phew a light! Of course, I did my initial googling of reiki and Liz. I googled success rates, testimonials, definitions etc etc and had already played out worst case scenarios and made a list of ‘what ifs’ before I had even walked through her door. The overactive mind is helpful like that! On the day of my appointment, I had a sense of relief but also fear. What if this doesn’t work? How long should it take to work? When I arrived and Liz opened the door, the sense of warmth (had I not being looking around for evidence of what I had googled) was completely overwhelming. We sat and talked initially whereby I shared ALL of my deepest fears and emotions. I studied Liz’s face carefully in order to assess whether what I was saying shocked or worried her because, of course, this would tell me whether I needed to be really worried. However, not once did she judge, discourage, dismiss or devalue any of my thoughts or worries. She reassured me with complete conviction that she could help me and shared her own journey as evidence of this (something google doesn’t do!). We then had sometime for reiki. Again… in this first session, I spent most of my time looking for the ‘catch’. Were her eyes open or closed? Could you see some sort of evidence of the energy working? Could I close my eyes and feel where she was focussing on (surely that would be a good test)? Although in the first session, I left undecided regarding whether the reiki itself had helped, one thing I knew was the dedication towards helping and supporting me on this journey from Liz was someone I wanted on my team throughout this journey. I had tackled anxiety previously in my teens with CBT but never felt that I had tackled the root cause and always felt like if it returned, I wouldn’t have the tools to deal with it (turns out I was right). So, with this in mind, and a powerful, invested and dedicated ally in Liz, I booked a series of appointments. As each appointment came and went, I began to feel safe again in my own body and mind and trust myself to let my mind go knowing I had the tools in place to pull it back. I began to whole heartedly believe in the power of reiki when delivered by an expert with a deep, spiritual passion and care for helping others on their journey regardless of time, twists, turns or set - backs. Of course, every journey has set - backs (it would be a pretty short journey and more of a quick mini-break if it didn’t) but with Liz you come to believe that this is ‘ok’ and ‘it’s part of it’. There are days when the belief that you will get there is trickier than others but as soon as I walk in the room at Liz’s, my believe returns (quicker and quicker each time). I hope I have shared with you the information you won’t find on google and the information you really need at what may be a challenging and unnerving time in your life. I can’t thank Liz enough for her help an unwavering support through my journey of managing my anxiety and helping me to build a toolkit that will last me the rest of my life, to fix myself when needed without waiting until the entire ‘engine’ falls apart. Am I the finished product? No (is anyone?) Do I still have days where I doubt everything and feel like I could go backwards? (Yes but far less). Would I feel confident to recommend Liz and reiki to anyone suffering with anxiety? Every day of the week! (Susan)


Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and for running the group at whichford. It has begun to change my whole being and perception. It’s also been a year since I decided to give up alcohol and I am not sure I could have achieved it without the classes. They have been a life changer for me. You are amazing at what you do, thank you. Xx

Thank you Liz for an excellent workshop today on changing our relationship with pain through mindfulness. I learned a number of useful techniques and the open discussions were very helpful. You are a wonderful 'teacher' and facilitator with with an approach that puts attendees at ease. Thank you (Angela) Head = Trouble: Body = Wisdom.

Thankyou Liz for a great day changing my relationship with pain. I loved your insights..presence ..and teaching. Wonderful opportunity to deepen my practice today (Mandy)

Thanks to liz and her classes I have begun to find myself again and amongst many wonderful things I have reopened my love for writing poetry I had as a child. Happy international Happiness Day 💕 What does it mean to be happy, To feel the joy within? You can’t just pick it off a tree Or buy it in a tin You can’t catch it from someone else Or wait for it to come We all seek it, in lots of ways To laugh and have some fun Real happiness must start with you Let pain and sadness go, Then learn to love yourself within And watch it grow and grow. (Linda Green)

Dear Liz, Thank you for a very informative, interesting and relaxing day yesterday. I am going to set aside time during the day again, to reap the benefits of meditation, as by the end of the day I felt so relaxed and much better. After listening to you, I now feel that I need to accept who I am at present and be kinder to myself. By embracing the positives and appreciating and being grateful for even the smallest and simplest things, with meditation, moving forward will become much easier. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and a lovely person. (Beverly)

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time at the weekend retreat. The location is beautiful and very relaxing. The meditation sessions were excellent and I had some profound and insightful experiences during these sessions that have changed my approach to life in numerous ways. I'm really looking forward to the next retreat and thoroughly recommend it to anyone.(Ian)

The retreat totally exceeded my expectations - I came out calm and rejuvenated, and feel I have learned and absorbed a huge amount. The place itself is very special, a cosy family home nestled in a dell, with an amazing creative energy running through it. The two days were paced really well, so it felt intense in places but with enough space between the sessions to process things. Liz is a gifted teacher who puts everyone at their ease and was a gentle but vibrant presence throughout, able to bring together a group of people who were all very different and looking for different things. Can't recommend highly enough. (Victoria)

I enjoyed having some peaceful and calm time to myself and found the session very relaxing. Many thanks again to Liz.

She was very engaging and made the session feel very informal and welcoming. I thought it was great!

I had a niggling pain in my back before I started the session but as Liz guided us through the body scan and asked us to breathe into the different body parts, it disappeared- amazing!!

That was blooming amazing ! The zoom meeting with Dr Liz sparkes Absolutely loved it!

I’m really interested in learning as much as I can about healing and mindfulness for myself and to teach others. It was really good she was easy to listen to and made it easier to visualise than some iv tried , would highly recommend it thankyou

It was really good to be able to give the mindfulness meditation a try and i’m definitely going to try it some more. Thank you for the experience.