Training to lead heart based meditation sessions

What happens when you start to view the world through your heart. Opening up to more of your true potential. Instead of looking outside for what we need, heart based meditation brings us strength from within, back to our true nature and awakening the warmth that has always been there. Over time we build up barriers and blocks to the heart, compassionate practice supports the gentle melting away.

This 8 session course will allow you to develop an in-depth understanding of heart based meditation, and compassion practices.

1 session each month (Saturdays) 10am-1:30pm (Starting August 2020)


Session 1

Introduction to meditation

- Why meditate? Changes within the brain.

- The power of pause.

- Concepts, stories and metaphors.

- What is heart based meditation.

Session 2

Living in the body

- Embodying a heart based approach.

- Focusing and unsound sensations.

- Pain and the use of meditation.

Session 3

Compassion practices

- Awakening compassion.

- Fear of compassion and working with it.

- Holding a meditation circle.

Session 4

Meeting the inner critic

- Welcoming aspects of self.

- Dropping the mask.

- Holding inquiry.

Session 5

Insight practices

- Exploring your insight.

- Cultivating your heart based approach.

- Leading meditation.

Session 6

Mantra and sound

- Mantra and sound in meditation.

- Visualisation.

- Leading meditation.

Session 7

Inner wisdom

- Listening.

- Intuitive meditations.

- Leading meditation.

Session 8

Waking the heart

- Practice and sharing.

- Dealing with difficult emotions.

- Leading meditation.

- Supervision.