Retreats Reiki Meditation & Coaching

What happens when you start to view the world through your heart. Opening up to more of your true potential. Instead of looking outside for what we need, heart based meditation brings us strength from within. Moving back to our true nature and awakening the warmth that has always been there.

Over time we build up barriers and blocks to the heart, compassionate practices and insight meditations supports the gentle melting away and transformation.

This course will allow you to develop an in-depth understanding of transformational insight practices, and heart based meditation for your own development and or to guide others.

1 session each month (Saturday or Sunday) 11am-4pm

Starting September 2021

Material and guidance provided between sessions online.

Two 1-2-1 supervision sessions with Liz.

Certificate in Transformation and Heart based practices upon completion.


( concession price available) 


The venue is near Stratford-Upon-Avon, a beautiful creative space which has markings to allow everyone to sit at 2m distancing, it also backs on to beautiful fields. 




Why meditate? Changes within the body.

The power of pause.

Concepts, stories and metaphors.

What is heart based meditation and self compassion.


Embodying a heart based approach.

Focusing and unsound sensations.

Pain and the use of meditation.


Heart based practices 

Awakening compassion.

Fear of compassion and working with it.

Holding a meditation circle.


Welcoming all aspects of self.

Taking off the mask we put out to the world.

Holding inquiry.


Insight practices

Exploring your insight.

Working with blocks and barriers 

Cultivating your heart based approach with difficult emotions.

Leading meditation circles.


Mantra and sound

Mantra and sound in meditation.


Leading meditation circles.

Hosted by Dr Nick Peters


Inner wisdom

Listening deeply.

Intuitive meditations.

Leading meditation circles.


Waking the heart

Practice and sharing.

Story so far.

Leading meditation.




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