Retreats Reiki Meditation & Coaching

In addition to individual coaching sessions - I am also able to offer a fixed programme.

I am trained in the Soul Awakening Method™ 7 Steps to Spiritual Alchemy.

This 10 session 1to1 coaching programme can be done biweekly or to suit you. Together we go through your transformational journey. Your commitment to release limiting beliefs, old restrictions and patterns will enable you to move forward, embracing the life you want to live.

When we hold onto our 'story' and old energy we can feel stuck. This programme utilises psychology, meditation, visualisation, affirmation, soul coaching cards, inner active card readings, mantra, self enquiry and reflection. It requires you to be ready and committed to release and let go of limitations and unconscious negative beliefs, to be ready to move into the real you.

We move through the 7 chakras, energy centers, to transform all areas of your life. Strengthening your connection to your true self, supporting your spiritual connection. Are you ready to follow your soul path?

STEP 1 We take time to look at your life, where you are now. What are the blocks and fears that you can overcome.

STEP 2 How do relationships manifest in your life. What holds you back from fulfilling relationships? Where can you become more creative? What is your purpose?

STEP 3 Are you stepping into your true self? What beliefs and unconscious thought processes keep you stuck? Here we move into your full potential.

STEP 4 Unconditional love, welcoming that vibration into every area of your life. No longer protecting, but radiating all that you wish to attract.

STEP 5 Here we work together on your authenticity and supporting you to fully embrace your truth. How do you show yourself to the world?

STEP 6 Intuition and inner wisdom, here I support you to enhance this ability. Bringing more insight into your daily life. How is this blocked at the moment?

STEP 7 Your connection to your highest self is the last area that we embrace. How can you step into your true self/calling? Free from old energy.

8, 9, 10 These sessions are follow ups and can be used before or after the 7 steps. There are booklets, reflections and practises to follow between sessions. These are crucial to the success of the course.

Each session is 75 minutes.